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Sacred Works

Is anything sacred anymore?

"For the Greater Good"
"Earn Your Wings"
"Cross to Bear"

"Cross to Bear," honoring Jules' fight against stage 4 lung cancer

"Grace Under Fire"
"Like Sands Through An HourGlass'
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Santa Barbara
"Sacred Ground"
"You See Shattered, I See Whole"
Our Lady of Mount Carmel at Sunset
"Choir of Angels"
Parroquia San Juan Bautista, Coyoacán, Mexico City
"Sermon On the Mount"

Andes Mountains, Peru

Mykonos Chapel
Capilla del Rosario, Puebla, Mexico
"Take Me To Church"
"Playing with the Piano"
"All the Rest Is Sinking Sand"
"Mesquite Miracle"
"From the Mount"
St. Dominic's Catholic Church
"Were You There"
"Cross Examine"
"Pray for Peace"
Moorea Mission

Moorea, French Polynesian Islands

"A Few Pews"
"Rio's Cathedral"
"When Doves Cry"
"Mission Impossible"
"Hold Fast To What Is Good"
"Please Be Seated"
Tlaquepaque Chapel
Santa Clara Mission
"All Saints"
Carmo Convent - Lisbon
San Miguel Church
"Remove the Bars"
"Be Still"

The Fray


St. Dominic's Catholic Church, San Francisco, California

Church Vendors
"World Series Giants' Mission"

Mission Santa Clara de Asis Santa Clara, California

"Holy Gates"


Our Lady of Mount Carmel Sanctuary
"La Compañia"

Cusco, Peru


Mission Santa Clara de Asís

"Shrine Down On Me"
Mission Carmel
Mission Santa Clara de Asis
"Life Supports"
"Mama's Word"

"Everything will be alright if you're next to me."

"Steven's Light"

The Grotto, University of Notre Dame

"Thou Shall Not Perish"

St. Lucia, Barbados

"Do You See The Light?"

Iglesia del Salvador

"Never Forget"


"Harping On Pollença"

Pollença Mallorca Spain

A Pew
"A Simple Prayer"
"Here's the Church, Here's the Steeples"
"Universal Commonality: To Be Loved"

-a lesson from Mark

"Cross Section"

Catedral de Sevilla

"He Writes On His Wall"

Wild Horse Pass, Arizona

"Why Jesuit?"
"Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away"

Lower Salt River, Arizona

"Threaten to Ministries"

Anguilla, BWI

"Holy Is He"

"I stand in His presence amazed" - Claire Cloninger

"Cross My Heart"
"Old Rugged Cross"
"Shelter from the Storm"
"A Storm's Reward"

Ocotillo Reflection

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