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  Rachel Peterson, RP Stillworks


"Beauty and seduction are nature's tools for survival,

because we protect what we fall in love with..."

- Louie Schwartzberg


Owning and operating a Phoenix, Arizona interior design firm since 1997, I find that my initial attraction to space is often a result of exceptional lighting and creative composition. If these elements exist and are balanced, beauty usually exists. I believe photography, my passion turned profession, is guided by this actuality.


Published in 2012, RP Stillworks provided the images and editing for "Legal Realities: The Silent Threats to  Ministries,"  by Robert Erven Brown, Esq. 


In 2013, RP Stillworks' "Big Daddy" won the Visit Phoenix's national photo contest, earning participation in a five-day Phoenix media tour and the privilege of working with highly-acclaimed photo editor, Mike Davis. The Phoenix Visitors' Bureau used RP Stillworks' images for advertising, marketing, and web design. 


I welcome your inquiries. Please contact me, and I will provide customized image galleries or schedule a photography session, fitted for your job's needs.


We've got one shot - let's make it beautiful!


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