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Desert Works

"What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well"  


Boatload of Chihuly
At One With The Silence
Whole Lotta TerraCotta
Dearly Beloved
The Art of Showing Up
Extra * Ordinary
How On Earth
Hope You Find What You're Looking For
"High & Mighty"
_Wake Up for What_
"In Actuality"
"Seeing 20/20"
"In A Single Bound"
"I'm All Ears"
All Made Up With No Place To Go
"Carrying the Torch"
"Save Room for Dessert"
"Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket"
"Mosh Pit"
"Roll Out the Barrel"
"We're Hiring!"
"Repeat After Me"
"Making Me Blush"
"Game of Throne"
"All Their Fingers & Toes"
"Living in the Blurbs"
Self Starter
Keep Doing You
In the Pink
"Sweet Nothings"
"Embrace the Chaos"
"Caught Up In A Dream"
"Stealing the Lime-Light"
"Sh, It's A Secret!"
"Waltz on Over"
"Quiet, Please"
"Candle Vigil"
Time to Shine
"Crossing the Globe"
"Nothing Compares"
"Only Child"
Saguaro Silhouettes
"Hook, Line & Sinker"
From This Point Forward
"Cactus League"
Busy with Triplets
All The Colors of the Rainbow
"Over My Head"
"Formal Attire Preferred"
"Rough Exterior"
"Welcome to the Party"
Short-Term Investment
"Happy Meal"
"Cool Under Pressure"
"Calm in the Chaos"
The Mosh Pit
Piece of Cake
"If You Scratch My Back..
"Land of the Lost"
"Good Things Come In Small Packages"
"Seeing the Light of Day"
Link In My Bio
"Hocus Focus"
"Close Call"
"Watch Your Step"
"Things Are Happening"
Truth Is
"Together, It's Better"
"A Walk in the Park"

Saguaro National Park, West Tucson, Arizona

"Shining Spines"

Saguaro spines

"Some Fairytale Bliss"
On the Edge of Glory
"Eenie Meenie"
"We TEXTure"
"Low Man on the Totem Pole"
"Stepping It Up A Notch"
"Desert Dessert"
Out to Dry
The Outskirts
"Cascading Bouquet"
"Smell of Rain"

Fairy Duster

Green Goddess
"Barrel of Fun"
"In Stitches"
Moon & Me
Arm Candy
"Mostly A Blur"
"It's Showtime!"
"Saguaro Nation"
"With Love From the Desert"
"His Palm"
Cherry Sage
"The Boll"
Who's the Fairest of Them All_
Orchid Tree Blossom
"Boulder Canyon"
"Jolly Rancher"
"Field of Dreams"
"No Drama"
"Pyracantha Curtain"
"Mighty Clouds of Joy"
"Booby Trap"
"Prickled Pink"
"Living Dried Bouquet"
"It's Electrifying!"
Fall in the Desert
"Under the Mesquite"
"Big Daddy"
"Slim Jim"
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